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“ Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will ” – George Bernard Shaw


Core Mission

We strongly believe, that any type of development can and should be playing a part, in improving the world we live in


Co-Creating with Anjali

Tourism Development

Creating Havens. Putting all essential pieces together, forming something unique, integrative, leading, sustainable, profitable.

Hospitality Consulting

Creating Clarity. Assessing status quo. proposing next steps and vision by setting goals and a clear path forward.

Financial Studies

Creating Balance. Numbers and goals analysis. Building a solid foundation by aligning & assigning resources perfectly.

Property Managament

Creating Value. Managing success stories. Assess, improve and manage by infusing structure, efficiency, ethics and spirit.

Marketing Strategies

Creating Reach. Market efficiently, coherently, creating connection and emotion. Digitally driven, smart, fun, honest, welcoming.

Affordable Housing

Creating Homes. Improving lives of individuals & communities in with smart, sustainable and culturally integrated housing concepts.


Creating Harmony between the land, the people and the guests. Balance!


Expertise, Vision, Exprerience, Integrity.


Simplicity vs Complexity

Bali is as unique as it is complex. Its tourism industry has successfully grown over decades and although this incredibly wonderful island keeps enchanting millions of tourists every year, Bali faces significant challenges. Environmental issues, uncontrolled construction, and global competition are growing. Therefore, if you wish to invest into the hotel and hospitality industry on Bali today, it is absolutely essential to create something that will stand out strongly and blend nicely into the environment and culture. Working with us will be a lot of things. Progressive, open minded, fun, profitable, empowering, in-expensive, infused by a vision and strong ethics.

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Our Core

Many hospitality developments face the same destiny. After a few months or years, developer and operator are not on the same page anymore. Conflict of interests appear to the surface. Individual business goals and expectations are not aligned and each party is pulling into a different direction, looking into contracts who is right or wrong. It is important to balance and align these interests early on, and to create a foundation and work ethics, based on transparency, integrity, and fairness. Anjali will help you in building this foundation, and set the meta-goals and to structure contracts accordingly.


The Yin & Yang of Things
When you come to think of it, creating & developing any business, that is taking the well-being of the people, their land & nature, resources overall, and the cultural framework into consideration, is a project that is not only reflecting the idea “we do the right thing”, but will also provide a solid business proposition. Particularly in Indonesia, the need to “act green” is increasing drastically. Not only because it's a developing country and islands are generally more fragile, but also because tourism is still on the rise adding to the pressure. Let's help developers and visitors to become increasingly aware of solutions.


Sustainable & Ecological
We are passionate about supporting our clients and partners to become leaders within their chosen business line. This can mean many things. How about becoming the leader in being the most sought after employer, or the leader in using solar energy, or the leader in recycling ratios. Aiming towards “doing things right” is not only fun and personally very rewarding for everybody involved, but also creates better results. We support you in creating projects, that inspire and catch the heart and imagination of all stakeholders, making everyone realize, that the time has come to assume responsibility.


Doing Things Right
Bali has a global reputation, which reflects visitor’s expectation when coming to Bali. A tropical paradise, serenity, natural beauty, harmony, art and esthetics. Those assets that Bali used to offer are under threat. Creating products that reflect serenity, beauty, nature preservation, harmony, ethics and esthetics are not only the best match to this demand, but also making sure, that Bali’s assets are preserved. These products are more marketable, recognizable and move successfully ahead of competition. Sustainable & ethical development and profitability is no conflict. To the contrary, they go hand in hand.


Simplicity & Common Sense


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